The Keto-Appropriate Diet [e-book] | Cliff Harvey PhD

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What’s with keto? 

Low-carbohydrate and very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets have become increasingly popular for a range of health and performance outcomes. 

But how do you know that keto is right for you? And what type of keto is best for you?

In 'The Keto-Appropriate Diet', Cliff Harvey, a pioneer in the practice and application of ketogenic, low-carb, and ‘Carb Appropriate’ diets, presents a simple and effective, evidence-based guide to hacking ketosis to optimise health, performance, and fat-loss.

From ketogenic diets to ketogenic supplements, exogenous ketones, and simple, effective ‘keto hacks’ this is the definitive guide to optimising your keto experience. 

Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Naturopath, Author, Speaker and Researcher, Cliff Harvey PhD is a thought-leader in the field of lower-carbohydrate practice. He has been applying and prescribing low-carbohydrate diets since the 1990s and is a researcher in ketogenesis and ketogenic diets at AUT University. 

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