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Peptipro SuperGreens - A source of Protein, Biotin & Iron

Combined Peptipro Collagen with a daily dose of greens

Organic Australian produced greens

Avoid algae-based greens because they can be harsh on the stomach

Young leaves and cold-pressed (not juiced to retain full nutrient spectrum)

Not “sugar-coated” with flavours - green is green, keep it earthy

Greens that are known to be alkalising, nutrient-dense and loaded with vitamins and minerals. Nature’s multi-vitamin.


Beef Collagen, Organic Wheat Grass, Organic Barley Grass, Organic Alfalfa, Organic Speltgrass, Organic Oatgrass

Organic Wheat Grass: Contains a significant amount of chlorophyll and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Unlike wheat, it is gluten-free and we like to use it as part of a detoxification program. Wheatgrass contains amino acids.

Organic Barley Grass: Barley Grass is a nutrition powerhouse containing potassium, calcium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, beta carotene, B1, B2, B6, C, E, folate.

Organic Alfalfa: Alfalfa is loaded with nutrients and trace minerals not to mention being high in chlorophyll. It is very alkaline and contains all 8 essential amino acids and is one of the few vegetable sources of Vitamin D. No wonder alfalfa actually means “father of all foods”

Organic Speltgrass: Speltgrass contains calcium and has a deeper green colour than wheatgrass.

Organic Oatgrass: Oatgrass has been known to contain iron and vitamin C. It is great to use as part of a detoxification program. Oat grass contains beta-carotene, vitamins K and C, folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, fibre and B vitamins.


    Add 1 Tablespoon of Peptipro Collagen SuperGreens to a dry cup or protein shaker

    Add at least 250ml of water or juice or add to your smoothie

    Mix or shake well

    Best taken first thing in the morning and/or 20min before bed (preferably 2hrs after your last meal)

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