Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi

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Like a warm hug from Grandma

Unwind in the afternoon or evening with our special cacao blend with reishi mushrooms to support occasional stress and restful sleep. An upgrade on guilt-free hot chocolate.


Chill with Reishi

Your nightly ritual is about to get an upgrade with our hot cacao mix of reishi, one of the world’s most studied mushrooms that’s been shown to help support sleep and occasional stress.

  • Ready to drink with hot water
  • Enhance with your choice of nut milk or natural sweetener
  • Blend in coconut oil or ghee for a creamier texture
  • Skip dessert and drink this instead
  • Drink in the evenings 1 hour before bed
  • Double dose on particularly stressful days
  • Use in baking and sprinkle on top of your smoothie or cereal bowls
  • Made with pure Peruvian cacao
  • Just 25 calories per serving


The unique combo of herbs and spices in this hot cacao is designed to help you wind down and enjoy life to the fullest. Besides being delicious and easy to use, cacao and chocolate drinks are a traditional way to ingest “medicines.” (Now, that’s some good news, right?) Having your herbs and mushrooms with cacao makes them even more effective!

Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum), the main active ingredient in Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi, is nature’s ultimate anti-stress tonic. Reishi can balance an overactive hormone system and improve sleep quality. Cinnamon and cardamom balance blood-sugar levels, aid in digestion, and kill sweet cravings. Cacao is an effective mood enhancer, antioxidant source, and comfort food.


Organic Reishi mushroom (500 mg per serve), organic cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic stevia 


Drink this cocoa espresso-style, adding one packet to 100mL of hot water.

Drink this beverage in the early evening to wind down, or as a dessert, drink to create a relaxing moment.

Try adding a splash of coconut milk, which blends beautifully with this drink’s cinnamon and cardamom flavours. 

Drink one-two packets a day.

Flavoured with cinnamon and cardamom - try it with a splash of coconut milk!


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