Mushroom Elixirs- Chaga

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Perhaps you’ve noticed a black-gold mass growing on birch trees before? That is a chaga mushroom, and it has been the most sought after mushroom in northern cultures for ages. Chaga mushrooms are one of nature’s greatest sources of antioxidants; they help lower inflammation and protect your body so that you can stay healthy year-round.

Four Sigmatic’s wild-crafted Siberian chaga mushrooms are carefully selected to provide premiere health support. Offering some of the most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support you’ll ever find growing naturally in the wild, the chaga mushrooms might reduce joint and arthritis pain, offer anti-aging support for skin and hair, and boost the immune system.


Add one packet to 250mL of hot water, or blend it into your favourite smoothie. Try also adding the packet to your cup of coffee.

Drink this beverage in the morning to kick your day off right.

Drink when you're looking to protect your body from any kind of pathogen or to lower inflammation. Get your body working optimally and keep it that way!

Feel free to add honey or other sweetener if desired.

Drink one packet per day.