How to become an evidence-based practitioner by Eric Helms PhD [Research Methods 1.]

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How to become an evidence-based practitioner: Reading, understanding, and applying research to your practice. By Eric Helms PhD [Research Methods 1.]

 Researcher and practitioner extraordinaire Eric Helms PhD takes you through a highly practical approach to reading, interpreting, and applying research in your practice.

This course is a 'must do' for any practitioners, trainers, coaches or others wanting to understand more about how to practice in an evidence-based way. In this course you will discover how to find the information you need, how to interpret and understand it, and translate it into information that is credible AND that your clients, readers, or fans will be able to understand!

Eric Helms PhD is a researcher, physique, strength and nutrition coach, and the co-author of evidence-based practice publications like 'MASS', and the Muscle and Strength Training Pyramids.

*Note: Completion of this course qualifies you for a cross-credit for the Research Methods paper on the HPN Graduate Certificate in Nutrition.