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FreeStyle Optium Blood ß-Ketone Test Strips

Measure blood ketones (BOHB) with these strips *Note Requires the Freestyle Optium Ketometer for use.


  • No coding = one less step
  • Foil-wrapped strips help protect from air and moisture16
  • Small blood sample required – 1.5 µl
  • 10 second test time
  • Top or end fill with visual confirmation
  • Fill trigger ensures test starts only when sufficient blood sample has been applied 8


8. Clinical Evaluation of a Faster, Smaller Volume Blood Glucose Test Strip Based on True MeasureTechnology, Abbott Diabetes Care White Paper 2005
16. Richard J Melker, Test Strips for Blood Glucose Monitors are Not Always Accurate, Diabetes Care. Volume 26, Number 11, Nov 2003. People diagnosed with diabetes with elevated blood ketone levels should seek medical advice.

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