CARR | July 2020 | The Gut Issue: Part 1 [PDF]

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Issue 7 | Volume 2 | July 2020

The Gut Issue: Part 1 [July 2020] includes;

  • An Introduction to Gut Health
  • The Gut & Mental Health
  • The Gut & Sleep
  • The Gut & Sleep Health


Are you struggling to stay on top of all the conflicting advice and information in the nutrition science research and media?

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The Carb-Appropriate Research Review is designed to take the hassle and guesswork out of interpreting the most current trends in nutrition, with a focus on the ‘Carb-Appropriate’ spectrum of lower-carb, and higher protein and fat, and ketogenic nutrition and supplementation. 

  • Stay up to date with the articles on the latest in nutrition science, and health, performance, and lifestyle topics.
  • Cut through the high-carb vs low-carb BS and get the low-down on low-carb, ketogenic, holistic, and 'Carb-Appropriate' nutrition topics.
  • Understand the science, with articles in plain English, that help you interpret and apply the research and cut through the BS.
  • Premium, member-only articles on key topics in nutrition. Topics have included subjects like “Do Low-Carb Diets Negatively Affect Female Hormone Balance”, and “Can You Really Be Healthy at Every Size”
  • In these articles, Cliff comprehensively reviews a topic to provide definitive answers to your nutrition questions – in plain English!
  • Reviews and commentary of the most interesting and popular studies and news items from that month
  • Audio versions of premium articles
  • These reviews include commentary on the study methods, why the study is relevant (and what some of the ‘fish-hooks’ might be) and how you can apply the research to your life and practice. 
  • Exclusive Facebook group to discuss the topics from the articles and review

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