COVID-19 Information


Due to rolling pickup delays in Auckland, there may be some additional delays to your orders and we have been advised that usual next-day orders may be delayed for 3-5 days. Please rest assured that this is an industry-wide event and we are doing our best. 

We thank you for your patience. 

Are we open?

Yes. We have been advised by MBIE that as a supplier of food products under the Food Act, we are considered an essential supplier. We will continue to supply our wholesale and retail customers. 

Shipping during the Level 4 shutdown

Orders placed during the shutdown will be dispatched as soon as possible. Due to the ongoing lockdown in Australia, restrictions in other countries, and the new lockdown in Aotearoa, there may be some delays due to supplier shortages, logistical holdups, and limited courier availability. Please bear with us. 

By way of apology for any delays during this trying period, we are offering 15% off all products for the duration of the level 4 lockdown in Auckland. 

Use code: LOCKDOWN at checkout

Are we an essential business?

As a distributor and seller of food and supplemented food products, we have been advised that we are an essential supplier. We will continue to supply our wholesale and retail customers. 

You can also find our products, that we exclusively distribute in New Zealand (GelPro, Life Cykel, Four Sigmatic, Chief, and more) at local grocery and wholefood stores. If they don't have them, ask for them by name!

How are we protecting your safety and the safety of our staff?

  • Our warehouse and office will be on restricted hours for the purposes of packing orders.  
  • There is a 'one person/bubble' rule in effect during the lockdown
  • All other business functions will be performed remotely by staff in isolation. 
  • There will be no personal contact between our staff members and courier drivers picking up and delivering packages. 
  • A 'no contact' rule will be in place for the delivery of orders. 
  • Any staff members showing any symptoms will not be packing orders 
  • Sanitary practices are already in place. These include washing hands before and after packing of any orders, sanitising any surfaces and tools both before and after any contact with people or products. 
  • Sanitization of product outers
  • Use of masks