UCAN SuperStarch

UCAN Super Starch is a unique 'high molecular weight starch' that digests incredibly slowly.

The slow digestion rate provides stable, long-lasting energy, without 'crashing' and allows the body to continue to use fat as a primary fuel source (rather than forcing the body to switch to using more carbohydrate). 

Why use UCAN Super Starch?

UCAN Super Starch is perfect for:

  • Endurance athletes wanting to remain in a fat-burning state
  • Low-carbohydrate athletes supplementing with carbohydrate while remaining 'fat-adapted'
  • Those wanting to substitute carb-intake for a carbohydrate that will enable greater fat-burning
  • Providing stable energy for the work or training day
  • A stable energy source for those wanting to put on muscle or replenish glycogen stores

How to take UCAN Super Starch

Take Super Starch during training or events (1-2 serves per hour) or add a serve or two to post-workout protein shakes to help replenish glycogen and stabilise energy levels. 

The Super Starch bars are a delicious, convenient way to get Super Starch into your day (and make a great, energy-stable afternoon snack!).