NuroKor MiTouch

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Touchscreen Complete BodySystem

3 Clinically proven technologies


  • 5 Easy to use App menu system 
  • Choose mode Pain, Pain+, Recover, Perform or MC2
  • 16 Advanced formulation treatment modes
  • MC2 QuadWave sequential microcurrent (patent application pending)

MiTouch is a simple to use, breakthrough handheld device which combines three clinically proven bioelectrical technologies for the effective, natural, drug-free relief of almost all types of pain, at the same time as helping your body’s own recovery process at the source of pain.

These same technologies can be used to speed up rehabilitation, increase strength and assist performance gains.

Ready for more? You're ready for NuroKor!

Take back control and the pain-free quality of life you deserve


Video link: How to Use Your mitouch complete BodySystem device featuring KorOS5 software



MiTouch Device
2x Electrode
treatment wires
4x Large ECO Life series
treatment pads
4x Regular size
treatment pads
USB Charging
Quick Start Guide: Get the most out of your Nurokor
Placement Chart: Shows you the perfect placement and settings for specific conditions

Your MiTouch is a physical therapy device.

Use responsibly and only as directed.

Please refer to the Info sheet for safety warnings and contraindications;

DO NOT use an electrotherapy device of any kind; • if you have a pacemaker or any kind of electronic implanted device • if you suffer from epilepsy • if you already have DVT • if you have a cochlear implant hearing device • on your torso if you are less than 37 weeks pregnant • if you have a severe heart disorder  Consult with your doctor before use if you are pregnant, prone to seizures, have cancer or are recovering from cancer.