Injury Repair Protocol

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of life for hard-training and active individuals but good nutrition and lifestyle habits can help to both prevent and treat injuries. 

What can help?

  • Maintaining healthy bodyfat and muscle levels
  • Consuming enough calories to sustain your performance
  • Optimising protein intake (~2 g protein per Kg bodyweight per day)
  • Ensuring overall nutrient density
  • Adequate vitamin D levels
  • Minimising alcohol (less than 4 drinks per week)
  • Hydration (more than 2 litres of water per day, extra during training)
  • Do mobility work
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep

How to support joint repair

After an injury, it's imperative to seek good medical and physical therapy advice. Your medical team will be able to guide you on the best exercises and activities to do (and what to avoid) to hasten recovery. 

In addition, ensuring optimal protein intake, sufficient energy, and micronutrient repletion is key. A good start is to take a 'modular approach to meal planning' and make sure that every meal has a portion of protein, 2 or more portions of vegetables, a portion of health fat, and carbohydrates taken in addition to this according to your hunger and carb-tolerance. [See more here]


Several supplements can help to provide nutritional insurance when injured inlcuding:

  • Fish oil
  • Collagen
  • Pea or whey protein
  • Vitamin D


Electrical muscle stimulation  can help to both activate and stimulate muscles during rehab and recovery, and 'microcurrent' stimulation (which doesn't cause a ,muscle contraction) can improve collagen synthesis in damaged tissue (like tendons and ligaments) when applied to the injured area. The Nurokor MiTouch device can be used to gently stimulate muscles around the site of injury (under the guidance of your practitioner) and used at the microcurrent setting directly on the injured joint to improve recovery. [More info here]

The Protocol

On arising:

  • 1 x serve Good Green Vitality
  • 1 x Tbsp. GelPro Collagen Hydrolysate
  • 1 x tsp. Melrose Fish Oil + Vitamin D
  • At least 500ml water

Before rehab:

  • 1 x Chief Bar with a glass of water

During rehab:

  • Nurokor MiTouch: Use on on a comfortable setting around the joint (discontinue, move farther away, or reduce the dose if there is any pain) for ~10 minutes and then switch to microcurrent (MENS) setting for 10 minutes or more directly on the injured area (there should be no pain - do not use on open wounds).  

After exercise:

  • 1-2 serves Clean Lean Protein (add other foods and nutrients of your choice to your smoothie)