Chaga Elixir

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Start your day with a strong defence.

Chaga Elixir (20 servings) 

Chaga mushrooms support overall wellness and your immune system so you can take on today.

Organic | Caffeine-free | Vegan | 0g of sugar | 3rd party lab-tested


You daily bodyguard.

With everything you have going on, there’s no time for a timeout. The King of Mushrooms, a Finnish favourite, is loaded with antioxidant properties to support your immune system and overall wellbeing. (You’ll notice it first with your hair, nails, and skin!)


Mix. Sip. Defend.

  • Mix just with hot water, or add to your morning coffee. Hey! You can even blend it into your immune power smoothie. 
  • These wildcrafted Chaga mushrooms were grown on birch trees in the Taiga forest. No, not slang for tiger, the world’s largest land biome.  
  • This isn’t a culinary mushroom taste. It’s rich and earthy. We think it tastes like coffee, and often use it as a caffeine-free substitute for such!


Organic Chaga Mushroom (1500mg per serving), Organic Eleuthero, Organic Field Mint and Rose Hips Extract