Roam Energy Nut Butter | Espresso Almond

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Miss your morning coffee to get to the trail before sunrise? 

*You won't get a caffeine kick from Espresso Almond...but you will feel that you've got the essentials covered for a big day out. 

*There is no caffeine in the Espresso Energy Nut Butter. Why? For caffeine to have a positive effect on exercise, you need a dose of about 3mg per kilogram of body mass. At rest, a dose of 80mg will have a mildly positive effect on cognitive function for most people. We decided to omit the caffeine because:

  • Commonly used caffeine sources (guarana and green tea extract) are bitter, and an ideal amount negatively affects the flavour profile of the Energy Nut Butter
  • Even if we reduced the caffeine content, it would not provide the effects that you would reasonably expect from a product containing caffeine.

Made with dry-roasted Australian almonds.
150 Calories
4.6g Protein
1.8g Sugar

Paleo, LCHF and Keto friendly


Australian almonds, sweet almond oil, date syrup, sunflower lecithin, Arabica coffee extract, pink Himalayan salt, natural flavour. 

Proudly Made in New Zealand.