Choosing You! | Cliff Harvey

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How you can choose the life of your dreams...right now!

This thoughtful, inspiring book takes you on a journey of empowerment, self-belief, and personal responsibility to show how you can achieve your dreams and live the life you have always wanted to live. Through personal reflections, essays and anecdotes Cliff examine why we make the choices that we do and how to recognize when those choices are pushing us away from achieving our dreams. He further examines dreams, goals, and ambitions and provides practices for goal-setting, mindfulness, and awareness, providing practical examples and activities that we can use day to day to nurture our dreams and reach our goals.

About the Author

CLIFF HARVEY, writer speaker, and mentor have, in his 11 years as a practicing nutritionist, strength, and fitness coach and natural and complementary therapist, helped thousands to achieve health, wellness, success and balance in their lives. He writes for many publications and has been featured internationally in print, radio and television media. He is a former World Champion All-Round Weightlifter and has held several World Records for feats of strength. Cliff lives with the condition Crohn's disease and has helped many sufferers of this condition and many others (including cancer, heart disease, ulcerative colitis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome X and HIV/AIDS and more) to reach their best state of health ever. As a certified natural and complementary therapist Cliff brings a holistic, natural edge to his health and nutrition practice.
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