Beet-it beet juice (beetroot) is the world's number 1 natural nitrate supplement.

Beet-It helped to pioneer the scientific research into the proven performance benefits of nitrates and beet juice for sports and athletic performance by providing high-nitrate beet products along with placebo for use in scientific research. 


Why take beet juice?

Studies have demonstrated a range of performance benefits including:

  • Improved intermittent exercise performance
  • Improved time-trial performance
  • Increase time to exhaustion in endurance exercise

Beets may also be associated with anti-cancer effects and can help to reduce blood pressure (see link above for references). 

Why Beet-It?

Beet-it is the gold-standard of beet supplements and (the high-nitrate beet shots) are the exact product used in many scientific studies, so not only has beet juice been proven to improve performance, Beet-It specifically has been studied and verified in the scientific literature. 

How to use Beet-It 

Beet-It sports shots are the most convenient way to supplement with nitrates. Simply take 1 shot for 2-3 days before an event and 2 shots on the day of the event (for example, in the morning and then 15-30 min before your event). 1-2 shots can also be taken acutely before an event. 

Beet-It beet juice is a refreshing and convenient way to increase your nitrate intake, along with a range of beneficial antioxidants and plant chemicals. Simply consume you flavour of choice as a refreshing drink daily.