This Travel-Sized Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life

This Travel-Sized Coconut Oil Will Change Your Life

When people (and by people, we mean basically everyone, from our team, through to customers and colleagues) see our coconut oil stocks they ask "Why on earth would you want such a small container of coconut oil?" 

They're asking of course about the mini (40g) containers of Pure Coco coconut oil. The answer is quite simply that these little guys are awesome! We love them. One 40g container of extra virgin, unrefined, pure coconut oil is the perfect addition to your bathroom, dresser or toiletry bag. 

We have a mini-tub of coconut oil in the bathroom and take it with us when whenever we travel on business. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturiser, makeup remover, hair conditioner and cleanser, and hair product. So it effectively takes the place of 5 or more health and beauty products... and of course, it's natural, non-toxic and environmentally and socially responsible (specifically the Pure Coco range, which is ethically and sustainably sourced).

So the question isn't so much, why do you have such small tubs of coconut's why haven't you got yours! 


Check out the Pure Coco range.

Tubs range from 40gs to 3 kgs to meet all your needs. 


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