If you're an active person looking to shed some body-fat or are training for an endurance event, then YES! UCAN SuperStarch could very well be the missing link in your nutrition plan.

What is SuperStarch?

SuperStarch is a patented energy source without added sugar or stimulants. It delivers a slow-release of carbohydrates, which steady your blood sugar and doesn't spike insulin levels for stable, long-lasting energy. 
In comparison, simple carbohydrates cause a big spike in blood glucose, giving you a short-lived boost of energy, which feels great at the time, but soon after leaves you feeling drained and even more tired than before.
The slow-release of carbohydrates provided by SuperStarch helps athletes and active people maintain steady energy levels without the spike & crash.
UCAN products deliver smarter energy powered by SuperStarch.
SuperStarch vs Fast Acting Carbs - Energy over time chart

Why is blood-sugar stability so important?

Many active people and athletes consume too many sugary sports drinks and foods for fuel. There is a major downside to this in the long-term, as it not only impacts performance, but also recovery, overall health and longevity. UCAN provides steady energy, without negatively affecting blood sugar levels, to help combat fatigue and train harder for longer without negatively affecting digestion! 

What else does UCAN help with? 


If you have a big surge in blood sugar by eating lots of simple carbohydrates right before your workout, your body has to burn them off first. UCAN enables your body to burn fat more efficiently during your workout if your blood sugar remains stable. 


Snacking between meals and reaching for sweet food in the afternoon is a sign your blood sugar levels are not stable. Stabilising your blood sugar more effectively by supplementing with UCAN bars and powders means your body won't feel the need to reach for fast-acting energy in-between meals. You may even find your cognitive performance, i.e. focus and alertness in the afternoon improving... goodbye brain fog!! 


  • Fuel yourself with high-quality carbs
  • While still optimising fat-burning
  • Sustain energy
  • Boost performance
  • Won't knock you out of ketosis


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