Hi Dose Vitamin C (available in 3 sizes) is more concentrated; 3550mg per tsp, and is an excellent choice when mega doses of vitamin C are required, e.g. when unwell or stressed. It contains two forms of vitamin C; sodium ascorbate and ascorbic acid.


Family C 2000 contains esterified vitamin C [calcium ascorbate threonate], which metabolises slowly (over a 24hr period), and is well-tolerated digestively. This product contains quite a high dose of vitamin C but is only 2000mg per tsp, in comparison to Hi-Dose's 3550mg per tsp. This product also contains additional bioflavonoids, which supports circulatory health, antioxidant support - as well as aiding vitamin C's bioavailability.

Think of Clinician's 'Super Family C' as more of your everyday 'health maintenance' for the whole family,... and 'Hi Dose' for when you're unwell or needing some extra health and immune support - it's a medicine cupboard essential!

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