You may have noticed that we're pretty big on medicinal mushrooms here at Nutrition Store - and we truly believe Life Cykel's liquid mushroom extracts and organic mushroom powders are the best quality mushroom products on the market today.

If you're unfamiliar with Life Cykel; in short, they're a leading mushroom biotechnology company with growing facilities in Byron Bay Australia & Wisconsin USA, which includes a biotechnology engineer, mycologist and nanotechnologies. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Now, back to their 'shroom products, and why we love them! 

Life Cykel's liquid extract range has become increasingly popular due to the health benefits people are reporting. For instance, Life Cykel's Lion's Mane extract was recently featured in global biohacker and Founder of Bulletproof Dave Asprey’s New York Times bestseller Superhuman for improving sleep. 

Life Cykel pride themselves on making the highest quality product from farm to bottle.

We believe their mushroom liquid extracts are superior as they are:

  • Full-spectrum 

  • Highest bioavailability - Fast absorption 

  • All organic ingredients 

  • The addition of Wild harvested Kakadu Plum - Highest vitamin C of any fruit which amplifies the benefit of the mushrooms

  • Grown and made in Australia & USA

  • Over 500 5 star testimonial reviews within the first 6 months since product release

  • Economically better value for the customer vs powdered products

  • Less than 0.18% starch in the final product

  • Full disclosure of mycotoxin, pesticide, heavy metal and testing

Did you know that over 98% of all mushroom products come from China? Which is less than ideal given China’s track record on food safety. Mushrooms are like batteries absorbing their environment - so, the water, soil and air that they are grown in is hugely important. 

Here's a short clip and podcast that Life Cykel did with global biohacker and New York Times best-selling author Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Radio:

As well as a link to a podcast and blog with the world's largest female entrepreneur community with over 2M followers:

Check out the full range here!

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