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UCAN 101: Learn how to get the most out of UCAN nutrition to achieve your goals.

Are you an endurance athlete focused on performance? Are you trying to get the most out of your workouts to improve fitness? UCAN can help you get there! This steady, long-lasting energy source keeps you fueled and feeling good for your training and active lifestyle.

Watch this 30-minute discussion to get the lowdown on how UCAN works and when to use it to get the best results, or scroll down to get our UCAN training tips for endurance and high-intensity workouts:

Steady Energy: The Unique Role of SuperStarch

What does the word “energy” mean in the context of workout supplements?

  • In the case of SuperStarch we’re referring to calories, an actual fuel source:
    • SuperStarch is steady energy with no caffeine and no sugar
  • Like many calorie-based exercise supplements, SuperStarch is a carbohydrate
    • SuperStarch delivers glucose
  • The difference between SuperStarch and many other sports-based carbohydrate products is the rate at which SuperStarch carbohydrates are broken down and absorbed
    • Fast-acting carbohydrate/sugar-based carbohydrate fuel sources are meant to rapidly supply many calories at once
      • Relatively high blood sugar impact
      • Rapid assimilation of sugars into bloodstream provides an immediate spike in blood sugar and energy levels, commonly followed by a subsequent drop in blood sugar
        • Necessitates re-feeding to bring blood sugar levels back up
    • SuperStarch is a slow-release, complex carbohydrate, that steadily delivers glucose into the blood over time
      • Very low blood sugar impact
      • This slow drip of glucose helps maintain stable blood sugar levels for extended periods of time
        • Energy levels remain steady and sustained
  • “SuperStarch” is the patented ingredient in UCAN.
    • Created by a patented hydrothermal (heat + moisture + time) cooking process of a non-GMO starch
      • Cooking process alters the metabolism of the carb to create a slow-burn carbohydrate

Read more about the revolutionary science of SuperStarch.

Combatting “The Crash”

  • Maintaining steady blood sugar levels during exercise is a critical element to maintaining adequate energy levels
    • Common terms for a blood sugar drop during exercise:
      • “Hitting the wall”
      • “Bonking”
  • Regardless of the activity, a blood sugar drop that results in an energy crash will almost always negatively impact performance
    • A common concept in endurance training because of the duration-to-fuel relationship
    • Can’t this also happen in other types of workouts?
  • Steady blood sugar + a sustainable source of fuel is the smart way to fuel training of all kinds

UCAN Performance Energy Powder

    • Dose: Recommendations
      • 1 scoop of UCAN Performance Energy = 27-31 grams of SuperStarch
      • Dosing recommendations vary based on duration and intensity of activity; use these recommendations as a guideline and personalize as needed
      • Consume UCAN 30-45 minutes prior to the onset of exercise
    • Dose: Duration
      • 1 scoop = 90 minutes of sustained energy
      • 2 scoops = 3 hours of sustained energy
      • Longer endurance training (> 3hours): continue drinking 1 scoop of UCAN every 90 minutes for sustained energy
    • Mixing Tips
      • Mix UCAN with 8-12oz cold water and shake vigorously in a shaker bottle. Adjust the amount of water-based on desired consistency
      • Amount of water used does NOT impact how UCAN works in the body. Can use as much or as little fluid as desired
      • Try mixing UCAN in a bottle the night before exercise, leave in refrigerator overnight, then shake and enjoy 30-45 minutes before exercise

UCAN Endurance Strategy

  • Before exercise
    • Drink UCAN Performance Energy Powder 30-45 minutes before exercise
    • OR  Mix UCAN with protein and drink 60 minutes before exercise for steady energy and to curb hunger
  • During exercise
    • If going longer than 3 hours, drink 1 scoop of UCAN every hour during exercise for steady energy
    • TIP: start re-fueling during exercise about 30 minutes before you need the calories
      • SuperStarch is slow-releasing: needs time to start releasing into your bloodstream
      • Not a “down-the-hatch” immediate source of carbs, so the timing of refueling is a consideration
      • Tip credit: Coach Greg McMillan
  • After exercise:
    • Drink UCAN mixed with protein after exercise for steady and to repair and rebuild muscle
      • UCAN can uniquely keep blood sugar levels steady after a tough workout, preventing a post-workout crash
      • Adding protein post-workout very important to recovery

 UCAN Fueling for High-Intensity Training

  • UCAN Performance Energy Powder can also be used to fuel high-intensity, shorter-duration workouts
    • Examples of high-intensity workouts:
      • Certain types of lifting (ex. CrossFit)
      • Many types of group classes
  • Anecdotally, strength athletes of various backgrounds use UCAN to fuel their high-intensity workouts
  • Consider lifestyle: many folks working out like this have many responsibilities/activities to attend to outside of exercise
    • Workout nutrition often falls by the wayside
    • People often going into workouts with no fuel or poor fuel
  • UCAN calories are very effective for this demographic of exercisers
      • Maintains steady blood sugar post-workout = no post-workout “munchies” that lead to over-feeding
        • Helps manage “brain hunger” or “hanger”
        • UCAN Energy Bar post-workout is ideal to help prevent overeating
      • Pre-exercise fuel that consistently provides energy to make it all the way throughout the workout, especially the last 10-15 minutes

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