Paul 'Cadsy' Cadman is an endurance athlete, coach, and endurance performance and nutrition coach. Cadsy is becoming well-known for his self-experimentation and 'mixed-fueling' approaches which are holistic, backed with evidence AND have been 'road-tested' by the man himself. 

We asked Cadsy what he's been using before, during, and after training.  

Before Training Supplementation

Coffee with the following blended in:

...and a splash of cream.

 During Training Supplementation

After Training Supplementation

Smoothie, which includes:

...and 1.5 frozen bananas 

Day-to-day eating

"I eat a Carb-Appropriate diet, I would say, 120g carbs daily (using training windows to get the vast majority of my carbohydrate in) - vs. low-carb, I have cut out a lot of dairy, and have pretty much-gone pescatarian, with very little red meat.  Most of my carbohydrate comes from legumes, pumpkin & kumara. 

All training sessions are after an overnight fast I have found out that I am now definitely a morning trainer! No problem handling punchy 90 min wind-trainer sessions fasted.  I still drink a little alcohol. Around 1 glass of pinot noir or a beer seems to help keep my HRV in the zone! My longest training session is 90 min and most have intensity included."


Paul Cadman is back by popular demand to talk about his latest experiments in nutrition, mixed fuelling, keto, and supplementation with Cliff Harvey PhD over on Patreon - check it out here

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