What's the deal with micro-current therapy?

A funny thing happened recently. Well, not funny-funny, but kinda funny...

We recently acquired the New Zealand rights to the Nurokor range of MedSafe approved medical devices. These are EMS, TENS, and micro-current devices to aid repair, recovery, and performance. I had been slowly sifting through the research (which is quite impressive!) on the effects of electrical current therapies and in among researching recovery from joint injury, wouldn't ya know it, I sustained a Grade V AC joint separation at Jiu Jitsu!

So, not only have I been delving into the research, I've been, by necessity, applying the therapy myself!

How does microcurrent help?

Micro-current therapy involves applying a sub-perceptual dose of electrical current to an injured area. 

The research suggests that micro-current therapy can:

  • Can improve the healing rate of injured tissue
  • Improve bone healing rates
  • Improve healing time for ligament and tendon injury
  • Improve skin-wound healing time
  • Reduce pain after injury

Find out more about the research in my review HERE

How I'm using microcurrent

I'm using the Nurokor MiTouch device (the BIG DADDY) on my injured shoulder using the 'Pain Plus' setting for around 10-20 min and then switching immediately to the Micro-current setting fro an additional 20 min, around 2 times per day. 

Note: The MiBody device is also effective

What have I noticed?

Using the device seems to my reduce pain and improve mobility on the days I use it vs those I don't, and based on the research, it's probably doing more than just that and is working away 'behind the scenes' to speed  tissue repair. 

What else am I doing?

Along with the Nurokor device, I am using the following shake 2 x daily (along with Physio and rehab work):

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