Wondering what all the fuss about these mushrooms is? We were too so we dug a little deeper..

Although Cordyceps sinensis is often described as an herb, it’s actually a combination of a parasitic fungus and the larvae of a moth (a caterpillar). The fungus attacks the caterpillar and destroys it from within. The remaining structures of the caterpillar along with the fungus are dried and sold as cordyceps.

Cordyceps has a long history of use in China as a “tonic,” a substance said to generally strengthen the body, particularly following illness. It was also used to treat bronchitis, kidney failure, and tuberculosis (1).

Nowadays what it appears to be most helpful with is boosting energy (2). Cordyceps increases the amount of oxygen uptake in the body and enhances cellular energy production, thereby providing that extra push for people who need a shot of energy!

Animal studies have also suggested that cordyceps could potentially fight stress (3), control blood sugar levels (4) and lower higher high blood pressure (5).

It doesn’t end there! Cordyceps directly stimulates the production of NK cells (Natural Killer cells), which are one of the body’s first lines of defense against infection and illness. Therefore it is thought that this mushroom could have a positive effect on immune status (6).


What does Emily Schromm (crossfit coach & athlete) have to say about the product?


“I was encouraged to try Four Sigmatics Cordyceps because of the amount of stress I was putting my body through my schedule and through my workouts. After a week of having them every day, my girlfriend told me that it was the happiest, most calm I had ever been in years”

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