"I take Life Cykel to power through my day"

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion Cody Garbrandt uses Life Cykel mushrooms to power through his training!


Many martial artists and combat sport athletes are learning the value of mushrooms for training and recovery. As a lifelong martial artist, I have also seen massive benefits to my focus and clarity during training, improved energy levels, and improved sleep quality from taking the Life Cykel Liquid Extracts. 

Our picks:

Before training

  • Cordyceps for an energy-boosting pre-workout
  • Lion's Mane to support clarity, focus, and energy for technical sparring or drilling (i.e. for boxing or Muay Thai technique or catch-wrestling and Jiu Jitsu)

Before bed

  • Lion's Mane (reported to help improve deep and REM sleep)
  • Reishi (traditionally used to support improved sleep quality)

To support health & recovery

  • Turkey Tail or Shiitake 
  • Chaga (the king of immune support) -- Use as required when run-down or in a hard training phase, not necessarily every day. 


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