Carbs and Ketones? Yes, UCAN!

Carbs and Ketones? Yes, UCAN!

By Cliff Harvey


We've been super-excited to finally have our hands on exogenous ketones (we sell the Pruvit range of ketones) and having these awesome supplements have promoted an explosion in awareness of lower-carb eating, ketogenic diets, and healthier lifestyles in general. 

But...some people are missing the point of exogenous ketones!


Ketones ARE ketones! (Seems simple hey?) and so, you don't always have to be on a ketogenic diet simply because you are taking ketones. In fact, the very point of taking ketones is that you can experience the benefits of elevated blood ketone levels without having to be on a keto diet. 

Now, I'm not saying that a keto diet isn't effective. For some people, and some health conditions, it is a veritable epiphany! But some people benefit more from non-ketogenic low-carb, low-carb high protein, or even higher carb diets. 


[Check out my book The Carbohydrate Appropriate Diet for more on determining your optimal carb intake]


When we realise that we can have our cake and eat it too (excuse the pun) it opens the doors to a whole new realm of fueling for performance. 

Lately, I've been using UCAN Super Starch AND Pruvit Keto//OS to fuel training and to fuel my brain through the long hours of writing research reports, running several businesses and trying to finish my next book! And I'll tell ya... the results are amazing. 

In fact, the 'dual fuel' of extremely slow-digesting, low insulin-impact carbs, and ketones are the best thing (along with Lion's Mane!) that I've found to fuel brain function through the day. 


So, can you have your carbs and ketones together? 

A: Yes... UCAN




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