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Why is collagen powder so good for you?

This latest health-trend in nutritional supplementation has certainly got some attractive health benefits...

But firstly, what is collagen? 

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By Precision Hydration   When people talk about hydration, most of the time it's about what and how much athletes should drink during exercise. These are clearly important questions, but your performance is also massively influenced by how hydrated you are when you start exercising in the first place. Drinking a strong electrolyte drink to optimise your hydration status before long, hot or really hard training sessions and events can significantly improve your performance. We call this "preloading" and the practice has been widely studied in the last 20 years or so, both with astronauts and athletes. Whilst there's not a completely bulletproof consensus on the subject - there rarely...

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High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been studied extensively and shows compelling fat-loss, fitness and health benefits for people ranging from adolescents, athletes, weekend warriors, and those with health challenges.1, 2

A review of the literature shows us that:

  • In healthy ...

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What is 'tonicity' and why does it matter?

The term 'isotonic' describes a solution that is of a similar ‘thickness’ or concentration (tonicity) as another solution. In this case, it refers to a drink being of similar concentration to human blood (~285 to 295mOsm/kg)

This matters in the world of sports drinks because whether a drink is hypotonic (lower concentration than blood), isotonic (about the same concentration) or hypertonic (higher concentration) affects how much energy (carbohydrate) it can deliver and how quickly you can absorb it into your bloodstream to replace the fluid you're losing in your sweat.

As with most things in life, this all boils down to a couple of key trade-offs...

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Suffering from hot flushes? Night Sweats? Cramps?
This article by Precision Hydration aims to help you understand some of menopause's symptoms so you're better equipped to ease them.

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