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  • GelPro Collagen and Gelatin
  • UCAN Super Starch
  • Four Sigmatic Mushroom Blends
  • Life Cykel Organic, Sustainable Mushrooms

We also stock:

  • Nuzest
  • Chief.
  • Pure Coco
  • Beet-It beet juice
  • Melrose MCT and Fish Oils
  • Bragg Organic - and more!


I founded Nutrition Store after being frustrated at not finding the quality supplements that I wanted to prescribe to my clients. We began bringing in products like Four Sigmatic, and Life Cykel mushroom products to share with our patients, and noticed a large demand for these from others in our network...and so, Nutrition Store Online was born as we made these available, for the first time, in New Zealand. 

- Cliff Harvey PhD Clinical nutritionist | Researcher | Author

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We'll have NZ's best nutritional products in your hands before you know it, and with less stress on your wallet. Let Nutrition Store Online take the hassle out of shopping for your daily nutrition support. 

Your advisors

Dr Cliff Harvey (PhD, DipNat, DipFit) is a registered clinical nutritionist, researcher, and author with over 20 years experience in clinical practice. 

He is the founder and big boss dog of Nutrition Store Online and CEO and lead educator at The Holistic Performance Institute

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Bella Marinkovich (DipNut) is a clinical nutritionist holding a diploma in nutrition.

She is the head of getting shit done at Nutrition Store Online and content and marketing manager at The Holistic Performance Institute. 

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